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Each piece is created by hand, using a combination of watercolor markers, colored pencils, and various pens. All designs are original, unless otherwise stated.

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manila, philippines (june 2017)

Inspired by my most recent trip back to the motherland. I was incredibly impressed with the vibrant and growing art scene, the bursting literary scene, the rate at which the youth is gobbling up and yearning for more contemporary art, and the amazing food scene (Wow, BGC. And Poblacion FOR THE WIN). 

BORACAY, philippines (june 2017)

Boracay Island, where I spent a great many summers while growing up in the Philippines. It is still gorgeous, though much has changed. I remember a Bora with only the talipapa and an old dirt road, a Bora in which boats were allowed to dock by the beachfront, a Bora in which Friday's Boracay (still my favorite of all time) was the only resort for miles and miles, tucked away in the farthest, quietest corner of the island.


My second trip to Mexico was decided in two seconds, at the last minute, by my dear friend Hanna. Together, we trekked across the Yucatan Peninsula. With us was Francisco, a taxi driver we met right smack in the middle of the Mexican highway. He drove us all the way to Chichen Itza and to almost every cenote in between, brought us to a hidden little Mayan town in which he was born, served as guide, protector and friend, and then gave us roses and little Virgins of Guadalupe to bless our journey back home. He was the most wonderful human being upon whom I wish a thousand one one blessings. It is men like this that restore your faith in humanity. 

The next day, Isla Mujeres. We explored the island by foot, stopping only for the heartiest of lunches, then iced coffee laced with tequila. This most beautiful, most magical island inspired an entire slew of illustrations that came to life on the plane ride back home. 

The people we met in Mexico have such warmth, such soul, and because of this, remind me so much of Filipinos. Dearest Mexico, lindo y querido, I shall return.